A Love Poem

There is a shit ton
Of shitty love poems
Out there.

“I never wanted someone
As much as I want you
I’d give damn near anything
To be with you
I’d say anything
To have you in my arms
And I would do everything
To wake up next to you”

Sure, they say them prettier
But strip down the ballgowns and
Elegance, everyone’s body is still
The same. True beauty can come
From confidence, sweat or both.
But status? Or money?
Being rich in vocabulary only gets
A poem as far as that currency can nourish.

I suppose today that is good enough for most.

Can anyone say anything
Besides statements that
Merely betray their sensibilities
And aptitude to sacrifice
The very merits that make
Love worth pursuing in
The first place?

What of the notion that
Doing anything for someone
Isn’t love at all. But rather an excuse
To not try. To fall in love with
The fall.

Tragic love, forbidden romance,
Truly beautiful at first glance,
Though nothing more than a corrupted

Love is a choice to act
With a voice and listen
To facts. And I’m not
Taking the soul out of
Relationships, but rather
Putting more soul into it.

Say yes AND no, question
Claw and pursue growth.

I love you, and that is why I must go.

I love you, and that is why I demand a cease
To this floundering in each other’s inability
To see beyond a feeling. Our thirst for each
Other’s seas does not justify the hole we have
Cracked in the damn. Ruptures always precede
Disaster with sweet, sweet relief.

I love you, no.

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