The shore is not mourned
As distance transmutes to shadow
Embracing the current
Becoming the wave
Little by little
Pushing her sea home

Mourning not the sun
As the day is laid to rest
Dancing with the moonlight
As it clutches the stars
Tightly to its breasts

Yearning not.
Pain-streaked tears
That fall below feet
The soil beneath toes
Pain now colors the tree.

Worrying not.
The flowers’ bloom
Or the leaves that fall like rain
The wind that will kiss the ground
And sweep all away.

If death truly, as they say
Is end to all the pain,
I choose to embrace a life
Words would deem misguided.

One carried by the sea, sun
Soil and wind.

One who’s heartbeat pulses
Life giving agony with each

So float my fear out
To its grave, allow me the
Courage to dance with the night,
Give my tears the
Burial they crave, draw
Forth the root birthed by
Acting through fright.

And hear my laughter like glass
Clear enough to shatter courage
And cowardice both, as in the end


We are either without, or within.
It is Life’s heart I choose as kin.

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