Dance Behind the Trigger

No one will hear the shot
The day you commit your heinous crime

You won’t know your victim
As the death of possibility
Yields many

Did the glare frighten you?
I suppose the blinders do look nice
Why do you stress the frivolities of
An idea you love to hate?

It would take too much work right now
For you to comprehend, but let me construct
You a flyer, a hand out, and hopefully
Your peripheries will catch something
Between the distractions

You’re murdering reason!
Reasonless you’ve laid with emotion
Soaked hedonism. Gratitude is a gracious
Spouse but want has caught your eye and
Action one too many times

True passion slowly fades

Still you are valued, still attempts
Will be made to stave off your fall

The first of many “once and for alls”

Grace sees. Grace will try.
But I fear you will dance behind the trigger
And Grace will die.

For while its pure form
Truly takes no sides or pretenses
Its pragmatic effects depend on
Your tides and acceptance

Blinders on
Nose in the feed bag
Yourself your king, a whore
Who complies and conforms

Heed well the face in the mirror
The day your loyalty fades
Once killed, Grace can take a
More menacing form
Getting closer every day


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