Fight Club

It started with naps in green parks
Tracing arcs
Sparks between
Glances, forgetting about
Second chances
You taught me to forget how to try

Or at least disguise
I thought I was brave
You thought I was strong
I held your hand as we ran

I always had a feeling
The flood waters would come
Roll over themselves in efforts
To make us undone
Paradoxically you always cared

But my grip was as sure
As your mind wasn’t
And when I grabbed the first sandbag
You joined rank
Each moment, each secret
Each sincere stall of your heart

We retreated up our hill
Barriers consciously crafted
Soon submerged
Subconscious’s merging, crafting to kill

I’m unsure if we’ll ever admit to drowning
Though I remember the surrender

Your tears floated off your face
So lost in our perfect waste
Painfully aware the parts we played


You were shaking when you said
“Before you
I always had a place to run.”

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