Chapter 1

I simply knew
Not of your circumstances
Nor even my own heart’s state
But I knew of your goodness
I felt it as each day grew late

I trusted that coffee shop
To look after you
To keep your beauty preserved
Amongst the rich aromas
And chatty regulars you served

Flustered and forgetful
My grand plan, foolproof
In design, I awkwardly stumbled
Back into your life, a
Day still for which I’m humbled

Before the flints struck
I sensed the trust in you and me
To care for the spark
Whether it leads to brilliant
Light or leaves us in the dark

I know both to be good
I know meaning will be
Impossible to lose when
One glance is all it takes
To turn into a gaze
A tangible line from
Your eyes to mine
A different angle put on time
Compacting and extracting
Exchanging minutes for moments
No pretenses or acting
Through what makes sense
and what doesn’t: understanding.

Your looks
Could write books
Detailed page after page

Let us start one together
A story that has been told
Age after age

Now flash me that moneymaker
And kiss me

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