To Exist

What does it mean to exist? How absurd this experience!
If life leads me in any direction; it is a pursuit to understand
How beautiful, maddening; that this life shrines through the darkness
lighting up the universe in all it’s infinite diversity.

This moment spirals through time. Winding, unwinding and falling to ashes;
it’s like a beautiful song, a symphony so complex just to hear it’s faint echo
is to stare God in the eyes. It is a dance; and I’ve been dancing forever
seeing just how far ahead I can run before I catch me.

I always seem to show up wherever my progress stalls

You see I want to capture the Truth and bottle it up for long road trips;
conversations in back seats and on mountain peaks, to take out and share
when the space calls for something bigger than its inhabitants.
Like holding flame in a jar…

I promise I know how childproof caps work

The trouble in capturing something so beautiful is the moment it’s no longer free
it ceases to be beautiful; ceases to be itself. Like a butterfly that’s lost it’s wings.

But I feel drawn, compelled, like a ghost being beckoned by a distant voice;
and I must find the other side of this tug, this pull.

and I feel creation groan with every detail I observe


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