Dry Tears

I remember the way the
Emotions swelled
Flipping my body in slow motion
Amongst the bubbles
Spinning on axis, rotating again
And again through the same space

I remember the tears I
Craved, but my body never
Caved. I heard the reasons
You gave, but wordless wind
Instead paved, leaving in
Its wake graves and taking everything I
Wanted to save.

Fossilized before birth, I wept for the day
My care would expire. I wept for the day
These feelings would leave. I wept for

Today. Remembering now I know I dreaded
Death. I scratched at the coffin I knew my
Love would lay in. I spit and swore at the notion
My truth would pass before my body. I imagined the
Way the wood would splinter under my nails as I
Would claw and claw and claw and

Lying here now, feeling the dirt cover my casket
I reach for those tears. I reach into the heart
Of those fears. I reach for my panic and regret.
The comfort of my truth.

But I don’t find blackness, I don’t find my suspicions met.
I find physics falling away, and the enormity of an eternal bet.

my Truth it seems is the eager honest roots invading
the earth being packed in around.
the Sunrise underground.

Death is not the rebellion of Life


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