Small Talk

She did not care for small talk
it often made her skin crawl.
She could not shorten her answers into so few words
she wanted to explore the depths of the Earth
with someone,
reach the highest mountain peaks with someone.
She wanted to dive into deep oceans,
look into someone’s eyes; see the world,
the galaxies revolving,
the stars blazing when you hit that point of gold.
When you have found that common spark
between one another,
the things that make your blood flow a little more,
your heart beat a little stronger,
your eyes open a little wider.
Things like poetry between poets,
art between artists,
science between scientists,
friendship between friends,
where small talk is condensed to no words at all.

It is a secret language only lovers know,
souls exchanged on another plane.

Ratchet down the rings. Good is now better,
better is now best. What once took words
now only takes the rise and fall of a chest.

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