Sadness (Reprise)

One need only look to the four winds
to find four frowns;
eight sad eyes
straining to see
through stained glass tears.

The man said “I die daily” but
he didn’t have a constant stream of
status updates
to maintain.

I define myself daily.

My unique wants, desires;
within which victim-hood
lurks, curious and darting as a raccoon
amongst the trash of regrets.

Being special has
thus far
not protected me from
the unbearable weight
of today.
All of the analog cigarettes and
old fashioned daydreams
in the world
cannot save me now.

Heavy hearts and weary heads
reside respectively in the chests and on the necks
of everyone I encounter.
The gas station attendant
feels empty and
is bereft of a sense of irony.

Just like the rat that gnaws on the end
of a rope, we all seem to run on
passion alone.


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