We say we long for more
Nothing satisfies
Who will answer the echo-less
Cries from beneath our bones’ breath?

Deep song after unique quote all
Point to the same thing, clever ways
To uncover each small death

Moments of clarity amidst the scrolling
A deep thought between all the trolling
The type of wisdom that warrants a double tap
Maybe even a tag: he always understood the struggle
The yearning, the fire in your heart burning.

Feed it!

Ironic, if only we could keep score
In this interstellar game of scrabble
Each tile a choice, each word played
Actions made, paths laid, prices paid
Our minds burning at a murderous rate
As we place the T after the A after the C
5 points!

We are right to think that more is at stake
We are wrong in our attempts to manage the wake
We are satisfied with too little

Playing CAT in a game that dictates everything


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