Biscuits and Gravy

There’s the old Sarge
People used to say
He resembled Paul Newman
I always thought he was more handsome

You want to know something?
Its funny, but I’ve never
Had biscuits and gravy
It was his favorite

He would get it every time
We came to this place
I never knew why he did
I always thought they looked soggy

He would call me his
Biscuits and gravy too sometimes
I hated when he did
I’m not soggy!

But I loved him, so in
A way I loved when he did
Though I didn’t understand why really
See! Look at them! Soggy!

First time in 85 years
I’ve ever had this
I lost him back in ’08
I’m not sure why I picked today to try them

I never knew he loved me that much
Biscuits and gravy! After tasting
I still think he should never have
Called me that

He was the delicious one


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