The Whaler

The strands falling over your face
Help me keep pace
I brush away doubt as I do your hair

Locked lips rendering all else dust
Your eyes are orbs absorbing my trust
You close my fingers around an orchid blue

We both know the reason our eyes
Are seas overflowing beneath uncertain skies
Understanding’s weight is more than our skulls can take

You watch from the docks as my heart starts quaking
The surroundings fall away as a kaleidoscope breaking
Colorful swirls of existence splinter around your outstretched hand

Months later I gaze up the ship’s mast
I imagine the great tree it once was before it’s final die was cast
Peculiar thoughts of journeys and fate drift over the water

Later still, as the ship’s hull bursts upon the storming sea
I clutch the flower that you had entrusted to me
Knowing my choice no less a mistake than the day I first took your waist

Though this fact threatens to break my will
I trust the orchids to bloom blue still
Beauty was never ours to determine, simply ours to partake

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