Missing You (Reprise)

Arrow notch and furl
After all she’s just a girl
Slipping on ice

The only way to grip is to destroy the sheen

Arrow loose and fold
After all I’m not that bold
Choosing distance over the mire

I told myself I’d kiss you but I didn’t

And I’m trying to undress you
Of all the clothes I’ve put you in
I’m trying to see you clearly
Not as just another again

Broken record actions chained
To tides insubordinate to the moon
This pattern’s drained

Though I think your laughter holds the key
To breaking every idea I have of me
And of you and of what the word
Together means

No longer do I look for solace among the weeds

I think your laughter holds the key
Listen to that statement as if I’m speaking
Outside of you from outside of me

It’s unbridled pitches suggest a beauty
It’s dialogue with your presence suggests
An origin from without either of us

An origin that puts to shame all constructs

For the first time now I think I’m missing
Something beyond the corners of my lust


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