I Thought About The Rust

The steady reach and turn

Wondering why I continue to toil
Wondering if I will ever learn

I say nothing, because this is all more than me
I run images through my head of words that never existed
Words I harness perfectly, ideas so beautiful as I spin them
In my hands

Through these listless mists I see your eyes overflow with understanding

But I say nothing some more.

The steady march and stack

Wondering if it is all worth it
Wondering when I will look back

I say nothing, because the words would cauterize the ground
The walls bulge as they absorb every notion not put
Into motion, postures lost to me and to us
At least for now.

I say nothing, and it brings me an answer
A resolution to my imperfect pursuit of perfection
As I silently try to align my direction

I know I will lose hope.

And when that time comes
As sure as the first life of spring
My wish is for us to persevere

Because if these walls could talk
If they could expel all I’ve let lost

I still couldn’t get past your soul.


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