Redirect (Mesh Echoes)

This is the last time
Was all that left your lips
As the grandiose grenade of
New beginnings was pulled
From your belt

Your fingerprints left on the pin
Though the explosion will surely
Destroy all the evidence

But no one could have known
That time would suspend right
After the device did implode

Cataclysm encapsulated
It seems I should have waited
But no one could have known

Decisions regressed
Time compressed
Burning sphere’s threat suddenly undressed

All that time to suspend
All that time to mend
All that time to dance around the
flame’s licking tongues turned orange
flower pedals, death somehow exchanged
for a blooming sunset unfurling in a
winter’s globe

All that time to reframe
All that time to contain
All that time to leave behind the
kaleidoscope red as it falls just
out of harms way, soft as burnt
paper floating amongst exasperated
escape plans

The glowing orb hanging, suspended
over the ground and our disbelief the same.
I imagine it has felt so long because
the power to stop such a detonation
is one that has been ingrained within
the marrow of existence deeper than we think

Our bones have long been strengthened for this moment
Only now has choice brought us to the brink

And when the explosion chooses to pause
In the face of all the doubt and of all the fear;
Echoing among the fiery frozen tendrils
The choice rings astoundingly clear.


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