Instead of trying to be a man, I just want to know who I am. Thats a line from a song I know and love. And hits on the reason behind me starting this. I hope that these words I write will be more than letters to me, and to you, if you read this. I hope to look at the reflection of my soul that I hope this blog will become and find some trace of, well, something. Something concrete, upon which I can base action and choice. I intend to write as I am inspired, about subjects that I find frightening and fascinating. And funny. I hope to grow closer to myself, to my God, and to the community in which I exist. I don’t know anything, am in love with that notion, and intend to explore it. You can join if you wish.

Here is to you, dear reader, for being a point to which I can aim my intentions at. Between my words and your thoughts, my discipline and your interest, may we find some semblance of Truth.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to connect again while you were visiting in Whitefish – I look forward to reading your blog and finding common connections in the Truth.

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